Tense Calm In Burma After Army Coup

Burma has once again dawned under military command calmly and with no signs of an imminent popular revolt. In Yangon , the main city, internet and telephone services were still partially interrupted this morning,but banks had reopened and local press reports described similar activity as usual. The military presence is most intense in Naypyitaw, the […]


Haaretz Newspaper Says Federation of Gulf Changed Trade Policies

Israeli companies in the defense sector also sign contracts each year informal in the absence until now in formal relations amounting to several hundred million dollars with the federation of Gulf principalities according to a report quoted by the Haaretz newspaper. Drones and cybersecurity technology make up the biggest games, although the lion’s share has […]

tiktok bidding

Microsoft and Oracle Bidding to Buy TikTok App

New contender in the bid for the TikTok business  Oracle software company owned by Larry Ellison has entered the race to acquire the popular viral video application owned by the Chinese conglomerate Byte dance according to the Financial Times newspaper. Last week, the president promised to close the company within 90 days unless it is […]