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St Kitts and Nevis’ CBI Programme is fastest at global level

The twin-island Federation is famous for its mesmerizing beauty, sandy beaches, coral reefs and stunning silver beaches, hence known as the "Paradise of the Caribbean".

American Airlines operates direct flights from 42 cities to Dominica

Known as “the Nature Isle of Caribbean” Dominica is a place of mesmerizing and breathtaking natural beauty which must be in bucket list of one individual to travel to.

260 years old British Royal Family’s Gold State Coach to lead Platinum Jubilee Pageant

This year the gold coach – who has been a historic symbol on several occasions will turn 260 years old.

Asian woman got hit over 125 times by a man over hate feeling towards Asians

NewsAsian woman got hit over 125 times by a man over hate feeling towards Asians

A 67-year-old Asian woman was punched over 125 times in the head and face and stomped on seven times by a man just because she was an Asian.

The old Asian woman became the victim of a hate crime when that man called her an Asian b***h and punched her several times.

The lady was attacked at her own apartment vestibule, located in Yonkers.

Yonkers is a small city in the New York suburbs located in the south of Manhattan. The accused has been identified as a 42-year-old man named Tammel Esco.

The Yonkers police department has got a video in which the whole incident has been recorded. Tammel Esco holds the older woman from behind and hits her on the head simultaneously.

After continuous stomping and punching her, the man is seen spatting on her. After this incident, the woman got severely injured and is suffering from multiple contusions and lacerations to her head and face, facial bone fractures, and bleeding on the brain. She was immediately taken to a local trauma centre is now said to be stable.

The police reacted to the scene, found the accuser and placed him into custody. Each of Esco’s acts is being charged as a hate crime. He has been charged with two felonies, attempted assault and murder in the second degree involving a victim 65 or older.

On Saturday, March 12, he was detained at Westchester County Jail and arraigned in a Yonkers City Court. From March 19, 2020, to December 31, 2021, more than 10,905 hate crimes against Asian American and Pacific Islander people have been reported.

Hate crimes regarding Asians and Pacific Islander people have been on the increase for a very long time. People just attack these people without any personal conflicts, and that too so brutally as if they just want Asians could disappear from this world.

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