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Pakistan PM launches country’s first National Security Policy

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan unveiled the country’s first-ever National Security Policy on Friday, which articulates a citizen-centric framework that prioritises economic security over the military, as opposed to the previous one-dimensional security policy that focused solely on the military.

Prime Minister Khan claimed that previous governments had failed to strengthen Pakistan’s economy as he unveiled the public version of the programme, which was separately supported by the National Security Committee and the Cabinet last month.

The strategy articulates a citizen-centric framework, placing economic security at its core and seeks a secure and economically resilient Pakistan, he said, adding that the national security has been clearly defined in the new original 100-page document.

According to Khan, Pakistan has had a one-dimensional security policy focused on the military from its inception. “For the first time in history, the National Security Division has produced a consensus text that properly defines national security,” he continued.

In areas of security and foreign policy, Pakistan’s formidable army, which has ruled the country for more than half of its 70-year history, has exercised significant clout.

The Khan government is promoting the five-year policy document, which covers the years 2022-2026, as the country’s first-ever strategy paper of its sort, which lays out the country’s national security vision and directions for achieving those goals.

“We must recognise that the greatest security we have is when citizens become stakeholders and stand up for the country.” And inclusive growth is one way to do this. Khan stated, “We must develop as a nation, not in divisions.”

The policy in its original form will be kept secret.

National cohesiveness, guaranteeing an economic future, defence and territorial integrity, internal security, foreign policy in a changing world, and human security are the key themes of the National Security Policy.

Earlier, National Security Advisor Moeed Yusuf stated that Pakistan will transition to a Comprehensive National Security Framework under the new strategy, with the goal of ensuring the safety, security, and dignity of Pakistani residents.

“The policy prioritises economic security. “A stronger economy would generate more resources, which could then be distributed to strengthen military and human security,” he explained.

According to the Express Tribune newspaper, the new policy identifies disinformation, Hindutva, and the use of aggressiveness for domestic political advantage as important challenges from India.

According to the report, the Jammu and Kashmir problem is at the heart of the bilateral relationship, according to Yusuf.

It tells India to do the right thing and jump on the bandwagon to gain from regional connectivity to improve our peoples,” Yusuf said when questioned about the message it sends to India. It also warns India that failing to do the right thing will be a loss for the entire region, but especially for India.”

An official indicated earlier this week that Pakistan is eager to make peace with its immediate neighbours, including India, under the new security policy, which allows trade with New Delhi even if the Kashmir problem is not resolved as long as bilateral negotiations progress.

According to the publication, the fundamental topic of Pakistan’s foreign policy under the new National Security Policy will be peace with immediate neighbours and economic diplomacy.

“We don’t want to be at odds with India for the next 100 years.” According to the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, “the new approach prioritises peace with immediate neighbours.”

The person stated that if there is conversation and development, trade and commercial connections with India might be normalised, as they had been in the past.

India has expressed its wish for regular neighbourly relations with Islamabad in a free of terror, hatred, and violence environment.