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Pak buys 25 Chinese fighter jets in response to India’s Rafale jets

The Pakistani government has confirmed the purchase of at least 25 Chinese J-10C fighter jets for the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), putting doubts to rest. Sheikh Rashid, Pakistan’s interior minister, told reporters in Rawalpindi on Wednesday that a squadron of 25 Chinese-made jets would do a flyover on March 23. The Chinese jets, according to the ministry, are “a reaction to India’s Rafale jets.”

During their conversation, however, the minister repeatedly mispronounced the name of the planes, referring to them as “Chinese JS-10.” While rumours of Pakistan getting Chinese jets have been circulating for some time, there is still a large question mark over the Chinese jets’ ability to compete with the modern French Rafale.

Although China has been utilising the J-10C multirole fighter aircraft to replace the People’s Liberation Army Air Force’s (PLAAF) brigades’ considerably outdated J-7E fighters, it has depended on its much more sophisticated J-20 stealth jets to monitor the Taiwan Strait and the East China Sea.

The Chinese air force considers the J-10C to be a capable workhorse, although it lacks the Rafale’s cutting-edge capabilities. The mid-sized fighter jet is frequently compared to the Rafale in Chinese official media, but the Rafale’s integrated architecture, superior sensors, and overall combat capabilities set it apart.

With a noticeable advantage in thrust and a superior short-range missile, the Rafale outperforms the J-10C in WVR combat with a higher kill probability. Rafale’s RBE2 AESA radar, along with the Meteor missile, gives it a notable advantage in Beyond Visual Range (BVR) warfare. The electronic warfare package of the Rafale is likewise thought to be the best in its class.

The J-10C aircraft were reportedly spotted during joint air operations between China and Pakistan. The J-10C type was noticed in the images of the Pakistan Air Force Chief’s office weeks before the public announcements.

The opposition has already questioned the government of Imran Khan’s ambitions to purchase Chinese jets. “I also do not believe the J-10C is as good as the Rafale. We could have spent this money on Project Azm and improving the capabilities of the JF-17 “Earlier this month, Dr. Afnan Ullah Khan stated on Twitter.