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No compensation to families of deceased farmers, says government

The union government does not record of the farmers, who have lost their lives during the farmers’ protest against the three farm laws, the government officials informed the Parliament during the winter session on Wednesday, while adding that in the absence of record, there is no question of providing compensation to their families.

While replying to a question about—‘If the Centre is willing to provide financial help to the next kin of the farmer who died during the year-long protest’, the Union ministry of agriculture said that the ministry of agriculture and farmers welfare has no record of the deceased farmers and hence the question of compensation does not arise.

“The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare has no record in the matter and hence the question does not arise”, the news agencies quoted the government representatives from the Parliament.

Even though the Centre do not intend to collect the record of deceased farmers, the leaders from opposition parties and the farmers’ unions claim that more than 700 farmers have lost their lives when they were protesting against the Centre’s three contentious agricultural laws. Many farmers had died on their way to Delhi or to their way back home while many have lost their lives while protesting at the national capital.

Meanwhile on Wednesday, the union government sought names of five representatives from the Sanyukt Kisan Morcha for the committee to be formed for the Minimum Support Price (MSP) Guarantee Act. However, the farmers’ organization will first hold a meeting and then will decide on these names on December 4.

Also, the protesting farmers are reluctant to leave the protesting sites and they said that they will not go without the law on MSP and the return of lawsuits against farmers.