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Asteroid removed past Earth, experts claim!

The experts, on the recent analysis, have claimed that one of the asteroids has badly removed the Earth in past, with no prior attention to all this mishappening. However, this entire analysis the basis on the data provided by the NASA team. Last week, the planet Earth has been glided at simply 3000 kilometers away from its surface, with no observation.
Notably, the last Sunday, the asteroid that was taken off by Antarctica was very mini with only the diameters of 2 meters, which may be roughly similar to teh size of a golf cart. However, this asteroid would not cause massive effects or any other damages to Earth, because it would itself get destroyed while being in the atmosphere.
But, in case if it causes damage then it can definitely cause some minimal effects and the most important point to be noted is that the planet reached the Earth, and it was not paid attention to by anyone.
Further, 2021 UA1 fluttered right near to Earth, along with the estimation that it has been the third nearest asteroid flyby recorded with no effects, followed by 2020 VT4 in November 2020 and by 2020 QG August 2020.
Hence, 2021 UA1, just with a distance of 3000 kilometers, was away from the Earth than the moon. The moon however rotates within its orbits at a distance of 384,400 kilometers from Earth. Thus, there is a simulation that depicts how it has been to our Earth.
Significantly, 2021 UA1 is not as such very near to the planet because the International Space Station has an average height of 408 kilometers. But, it is very nearer to the Earth than all the other communication-based satellites have been yet. Evidently, all the communication satellites just revolve at a distance of 35,785 kilometers.
Evidently, the effects of the asteroids are always very massive and can lead to many disasters, that can further impact the Earth. Hence, the space agencies all around the globe keep a track of all such asteroids, with the practices of computing their sizes, orbits, distances, and other assumptions that is these asteroids could hit the Earth.
eAs of last, it had been claimed by the experts taht it came from any of the blind spots. The experts of NASA team have also clarified that many of the asteroids reach the planet from the ‘ front,’ and that would mean they headed from the direction cladding into the inner of the solar system, and reaching the sun and our Earth.
But, many of the asteroids have been noticed that would return back, and further make their move to Earth in the pathway of the Sun and then outwards. Thus, therefore, it is very hard to notice such objects while they move towards the planet, more likely as they frequently try to detain during the day, that time when the visibility is very minute due t teh the Sun’s glare.
Previously, on September 16, 2021 SG, another asteroid with a bore ranging between 42 and 94 meters, winged past the planet, roughly at half the interval between Earth and the Moon, and at that time also no one could notice it.

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