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Corinne Olympios, Vincent Fratantoni and their split!

The former Bachollerete, Corinne Olympios, and her boyfriend, Vincent Fratantoni, have separated after dating one another for about two years. The sources of the Us Weekly media have confirmed the news of their split.

On Thursday, while speaking to the media, the American Entrepreneur said, “We broke up about two months ago. I wish her nothing but the best. I don’t wish anything bad about her and [ don’t have anything bad to say about her.’

He further added and noted, “We are both moving in different directions. I do hope she finds someone who works for her — it’s just not me.” The statements given by Vincent, 29 clearly revealed that the pair said goodbye to one another in a very decent way and they do maintain good terms.

In 2019, in media, the news was broke that the model, 29 has made her move with the American estate, Entrepreneur, Vincent Fratantoni, following her split with Jon Younger.

The pair separated and within two months, the model jumped into the relationship along with Vincent. An Insider made it clear that they both were not on the same level before they called to quit off.

Thus, the Insider noted, “They weren’t meant to be. He’s a more private person. She’s more out there and is best fitted for reality TV. She was tame when she was with him and he got to see this other side of her.”

The pair has the least communication since they separated, the sources have claimed. Also, Corinne Olympios has been moving out of his house in Arizona and is making move to shift back to Miami, wherein she will be going to acquire the new property.

In an episode of ‘Help! I suck Dating,’ the owner of the AuraSugarCo jewelry that she thought that he might be the one, and joked while appearing in the Podcast on January 2020. Soon, after they went public, the model also clarified that she anticipated ‘taken for good this time.’ Later, Corrine also threw some light o how the romance bloomed between her and Vincent after they publicized their love on social media.

Recalling her time with him, the model stated, “We actually tried to meet up a few times, didn’t work. The night that we were going on a date, he texted me, he’s like, ‘You’re going to kill me.’ I called him for the first time and I was like, ‘You are not canceling on me.’ He’s like, ‘No, I’m just kidding. We’re going on a date.’”

Further, she said, “Then we just started asking each other all these questions and I was like, ‘Wow, that’s great to get it out of the way before the date.’ So, by the time I got to the date, I wasn’t even nervous. It was great.”

The Tv star, Corinne was introduced by ‘The Bachelor,’ during the season of Nick Viall in 2017. Later, she made a come back in season 4 of ‘Bachelor in the Paradise.’

During her interaction with Matt James’ season for ‘Here for the Right Season,’ she noted, “I am a little over it post my experience. I did watch it before and really liked it. Also, mind you when I watched it, it was still, like, a real television show. Now it’s just cheesy and kind of fake to me. … I honestly think the turning point was my season. I think I’m to blame for all of this.”

The model was extremely happy and delighted soon the pair started to date one another, soon she left the season of ‘The Bachelor.’Last year, in 2020, Corrine shifted to Vincent’s home with all her possessions to live together.

The former ‘ Bachelor in Paradis’ even shared the pictures of the home and added a caption too. She wrote, “Honey, I’m home.” The picture de[ucted the pair outside their new home and held a bottle of champagne in a hand.

For the first time, Fratantoni popped up on the model’s Instagram in January in a picture of themselves, hugging at Disneyland Paris. That time, she captioned it, “@vincethebuilder built me my dream home.”
Also, while appearing up with an Interview with the US Weekly, the ‘Corinne Saves Us All,’ host shared experiences as what she regrets, as being a part of Bachelor mansion.
The model was asked about her sleeping schedules while she was in the Manion and in fact, at that time even she missed a rose ceremony during Nick Viall’s season because she was busy sleeping.
On her part, she clarified, “The nap heard around the world. Everyone was really upset about that. There were two naps that everybody was really upset about. One was at the pool party and one was for the rose ceremony. And I just had it. And I’m not gonna change who I am just because there are cameras on. I’m as real as it gets.”
Corrine also claims.”I’m just tired! We filmed all night. I almost fainted the first night. I almost fainted the first night, literally almost fainted. I was standing up there and I was like, ‘Oh, my God. Please, Corinne.’ I was like, ‘Please don’t do this. God, don’t let me faint.’ I felt it coming on. I felt my body getting drained. The pain was so bad in the balls of my feet.”
Later, she revealed, ” I literally almost was like, ‘Guys, I need medical attention, like, I’m not well.’ I had to literally, like, breathe and calm down. It was like, ‘Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.’ It was horrible.”
Recalling those moments, Corinne noted,” Th only person I was busy fighting with was ‘Taylor Nolan.’ And then you have, like, the girls that were my friend by day, but then would randomly flip a switch and be pro-Taylor.”
Further, she said, “I remember saying something one time about Taylor — and I didn’t even say anything rude because I never flat out said anything rude about anyone to anyone — I remember just being like, ‘Yeah, well, some people think I don’t have emotional intelligence.’ “
Also, the model has noted, “And one of the girls snapped at me and was like, ‘Don’t talk about someone that’s not here!’ Because she wasn’t in the room. And I remember looking at her and I was like, ‘Um, excuse me, but you might want to take that attitude to her.’”
 At last, she just concluded and mentioned, “It was just really weird. I had a good relationship with a lot of the girls and then some girls it was iffy, but there were never any, like, flat-out fights. Except when I confronted everybody about my nap.”