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St Kitts and Nevis’ CBI Programme is fastest at global level

The twin-island Federation is famous for its mesmerizing beauty, sandy beaches, coral reefs and stunning silver beaches, hence known as the "Paradise of the Caribbean".

American Airlines operates direct flights from 42 cities to Dominica

Known as “the Nature Isle of Caribbean” Dominica is a place of mesmerizing and breathtaking natural beauty which must be in bucket list of one individual to travel to.

260 years old British Royal Family’s Gold State Coach to lead Platinum Jubilee Pageant

This year the gold coach – who has been a historic symbol on several occasions will turn 260 years old.

New Amazon Echo Update Could Prove Extremely Useful

TechNew Amazon Echo Update Could Prove Extremely Useful

Amazon Echo, usually abbreviated as Echo, is an American smart speaker brand developed by Amazon. The Echo device is connected to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service Alexa, and it responds when the user says “Alexa”. The user can change this wake word to “Amazon”, “Echo” or “Computer”. Device functions include voice interaction, music playback, to-do list creation, alarm setting, streaming podcasts, and audiobooks, as well as providing real-time weather, traffic, and other information. It can also control various smart devices and act as a home automation center. Smart speakers do not have a network port and need to use Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet.

As early as 2010, Amazon began developing Echo devices in its Lab126 offices in Silicon Valley and Cambridge, Massachusetts. This device is one of the first attempts to expand its device portfolio beyond the Kindle e-reader. Amazon initially limited the first-generation Echo to Amazon Prime members or just by invitation, but it was widely used in the United States in mid-2015 and later in other countries. In addition, Alexa’s voice service can be used to add to other devices, and Amazon encourages third-party devices and services to connect to it.

Amazon will use the open-source Matter platform to update its plug-in Echo speakers later this year and join other large technology companies such as Samsung, Google, and Philips Hue to work together to simplify the smart home setup process. On the edge, Amazon is the latest technology company to join the Matter program and will update its Echo Studio, Echo Show, Echo Flex, and Echo Plus speakers, as well as most speakers in the popular Echo Dot series. The release date of the update has not yet been announced, and there is only a vague “end of 2021″. Unfortunately, not all Amazon Echo speakers will be updated, and the first-generation Echo and Echo Dot will be lost. With Echo Tap. This is understandable, considering how old these speakers are compared to the new models, so these old devices are likely to not meet Matter standards. For the uninitiated, Matter is a joint open-source platform composed of companies specializing in smart technology. Home technology, such as the aforementioned Amazon, Samsung, Google, etc. 

This concept stems from the desire to create a unified smart home brand that is compatible with the voice assistant of your choice. In theory, this should make the smart home setup process easier than ever before, minimizing incompatibilities that may be eliminated. the above. 

For example, with Matter, users can keep the voice assistant they want (such as Alexa or Google Assistant) and use it to control Matter brand devices, such as Philips Hue smart lights or Bluetooth wireless speakers. This is an ambitious effort, and it still depends on everyone. Individual technology companies help update their equipment. However, in the end, we are very happy to see these companies work together to simplify the smart home process, and it is possible to introduce this concept and its series of beneficial benefits to a wider audience.

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