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Post Credits Scene of Black Widow Puts Pressure on Future Screenwriters

Sometimes, screenwriters sit at the premiere of movies, and the movies they watch do not really reflect their work. For Marvel veteran Eric Pearson, this was not the case. He was fortunate to be closely involved in projects such as Thor: Ragnarok and Black Widow, where he spent time on set and rehearsals to get him Be able to write better for movies. Johnson. Florence Pew, David Hubble, and Rachel Weisz. Once, Pearson found himself sitting at a table with four protagonists, each of them yelling at the key family reunion scene in the movie.

Pearson left to write, and when he returned, film producer Kate Shortland asked him to put his ideas into practice in front of the actors, which was pressure for someone who didn’t think he was a good actor. Great proposal. This is not the only time a writer must perform on set. In another case, Pearson read the lines instead of O-T Fagbenle (Mason). He fell ill on the day the team was filming when Johansson’s Mason and Natasha Romanoff were arguing about how to pronounce Budapest. (Fagbenle filmed his ending later).

Although Pearson is rooted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even he does not have all the keys to the kingdom. When he wrote an ending scene involving Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, Pearson was not told where the MCU would go after Yelena (Pugh) was handed over to her next goal: Hawkeye. By Jeremy Renner. Who the fuck am I? Something happened! I have no answer to this,” Pearson told the Hollywood Reporter with a smile. “They told me, ‘it’s not necessary. Let us figure it out. I remember writing it and feel very guilty. “I hope that any writer who is writing the next chapter can accept what I do to them.” “After co-writing Warner Bros. and the legendary Godzilla vs. King Kong, Pearson topped the list this year.

He appeared as a character from The Marvel Studios writer program, and later worked for ABC’s Agent Carter, and did unrecognized work in Ant-Man and Avengers: Infinity War. The people who worked with Pearson quickly emphasized that he would be humorous. The ability to integrate with the heart. (The same person who wrote the joke in Ragnarok wrote about the heartbreaking realization of Pugh’s table.) “He is an amazing screenwriter,” said Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Pictures, in Los Angeles in June Tell THR at the premiere of Black Widow’s fan event. “It brings humor, risk, and excitement, which is what you need at Marvel.

I look forward to more cooperation with Mr. Pearson.” According to the story of WandaVision’s main screenwriters Jac Schaeffer and Ned Benson, Pearson is considered the only writer of the widow’s script. In the conversation with THR, Pearson got an in-depth understanding of the world of “Black Widow”, including the moment when the foreman revealed the secret and the moment he sweated during the premiere. What elements did you have when you joined this movie? Is there a role board to choose from? When I got there, I had some thoughts, including family dynamics. I know Ross [William Hutt] will have to participate. He was the one who chased her in the civil war and was at large.

We know that Yelena Belova will be there. Alexey Shostakov, Scarlett is the first Avengers to perform and produce his own Marvel movie. As the resident expert and producer of Natasha Romanov, how much do you rely on her? She has been there throughout the whole process. One or two days after signing the contract, I received her call. We talked for an hour, an hour and a half. At that moment you realize that you are talking to the actor who made the entire movie based on his voice, about Ella. I have many obligations to complete Endgame. She was there when we were writing. She called there. When they were doing Endgame news, Joe Russo and I met her and we chatted there. We had a lot of rehearsals. I didn’t participate in that much editing work, but from everything I heard, she was very present.