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Sarah Shahi, Adam Demos and their romance!

The rumored romance of American actress Aahoo Jahansouzshahi, known professionally as Sarah Shahi, and Adam Demos, the Australian actor is now confirmed. The pair worked together for Netflix’s hit series, ‘Sex/Life,’ and fell in love off-screen as well.

Sarah Shahi, 41, once stated, “It was great casting. I’ll put it that way.” The series revolves around a woman, Billie, played by Sarah, her husband Copper (Mike Vogel), and the lady’s ex-boyfriend named Brad (Demos). Notably, three of them are revolving in a love triangle.

In an interview, Sarah mentioned, “Well, that’s a tall drink of water. When I first met Adam, I was really blown away by him. We met in the makeup trailer and we just got on instantly. We had the exact same taste in music. We had the same taste in whiskey and tequilas, and I was really blown away by him just as a person and all I knew was that I wanted more.”

The actress further clarifies that the attraction and bond amongst them became more intense, while they worked together. Thus, Sarah Shahi claimed, “And then I got an opportunity to act with him, and I will say, sitting across the other side of the camera with him was just a privilege,” she continued. “You’re only as good as your scene partner. He’s amazing in the show.”

The couple already revealed their relationship on social media by posting their pictures. They shared their pictures from New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day celebrations and seemed to be perfect together.

While sharing her feelings for Adam, Sarah via Instagram wrote, “Not exactly sure how two people on opposite sides of the world could have more in common, we’re meant to meet, were meant to be together. But I do know I met my soulmate. I do know I found me forever. I do know I’ve never loved deeper, harder, more ferociously. I do know I’m overly grateful for him. I do know I’ve loved him for a thousand lifetimes before and will love him for a thousand lifetimes more.”