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The New Windows 11 OS Takes Heavy Inspiration From Apple, So Much So That it Almost Resembles MacOS

Windows 11 has recently become the focus of attention, not because of its release, but because of a large number of leaks that allow users to test the new operating system before release. Microsoft has been preparing to talk about “Next Generation Windows” on June 24. But this was undermined by a series of leaks: first, some screenshots appeared on the Chinese Baidu website, and shortly after, the Windows 11 ISO was downloaded online.

Microsoft is expected to launch the next generation of Windows later this month, and the leak provides a lot of basis for speculation. According to various reports, the event is scheduled to be held on June 24 and will be the first appearance of Windows 11. The system is unproven, and most reports claim that it has completed transactions. “It will be called Windows 11, and it will bring many of the [user interface] changes we saw in the now-defunct Windows 10X,” Daniel wrote. Rubino in Windows Central: The latter refers to the planned but discontinued version of Windows. Although the completed operating system may arrive later, we may see early beta versions of the new operating system at Microsoft events. According to Rubino, in order to make way for future operating systems, Microsoft has set 2025 as the end date for Windows 10 updates and support. 

Rumored Windows 11 features include a new Windows logo and a new look. Including redesigned Windows icons. In addition, the corners of the window are rounded, eliminating the sharp edges used in the user interface. It is expected that there will be new sources. The start menu will be placed in the center of the taskbar instead of the corner in Windows 10. The icons on the taskbar will also be more centered. The start menu will delete the live tiles while adding fixed applications and recent files. “And the ability to quickly shut down or restart Windows 11 devices. It’s more streamlined than today’s Windows 10,” according to The Verge. 

The new operating system will include a new wallpaper for Windows background images, a new setting experience, and the return of startup sounds. Linus Tech Tips also talked about other features, including the expected type of game support, Microsoft Store reviews, and Windows widgets that play a more important role. 11 is that it feels like macOS. “I came to a surprising conclusion: it looks a lot like macOS,” Devindra Hardawar wrote in Engadget. “Windows 11, at least in the first version we are looking at, is basically a concise version of Windows 10. It has some optimizations that we expect to see in Windows 10X, but now I am experiencing it, I learned from Mac Got some serious resonance in the game.”, he said. None of the above includes changes to be made behind the scenes and changes to Windows security. 

The foundation of Windows 11 may undergo the biggest revision, but there is still a big problem: pricing. For consumers, it is not clear whether Windows 10 licensees can upgrade for free, but from any indication, upgrades from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 are free.