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Huawei Drops a Hint About Its Next Flagship Phone – The P50

In the live broadcast of Huawei’s Hongmeng system, the company showed the upcoming P50 series of mobile phones for the first time. 

Hardly any specifications were given, and no pricing or expected release date was discussed, but the hissing scroll did reveal a closer look at its interesting camera group. Four camera lenses are visible, as well as two flashes.

In terms of the number of megapixels and the size of the sensor, it is difficult to say exactly what we will get with this phone. The photo below confirms that Huawei is working with Leica to develop its optics. We will have to wait for Huawei to improve its periscope telephoto lens. My colleague Sam Byford has seen excellent results on the P40 Pro Plus. The company said it would “take mobile photography to a new level.” Given that compared to the P40 Pro Plus (which we consider to be the “smartphone zoom king”), the size of the camera protrusion seems to have increased, so it seems reasonable for Huawei to plug some larger sensors and lenses into the P50. The tease in the following YouTube video:

As for the rest of the phone, what we have to follow so far is what Huawei executive Yu Chengdong said in the live broadcast: it will have “lightweight design” and “iconic design language.” P50 may have Huawei’s new Hongmeng operating system built-in, but he did not confirm in the video (for that matter, he didn’t even turn on the screen). “Trying to figure out how to make it a better product for you. “In my opinion, Huawei, like all current technology companies, is coping with the impact of the global semiconductor shortage. 

The sanctions imposed by the United States on the company have slowed down its internal parts, which may also lead to a tight supply of its Kirin processors. For this reason, the MatePad Pro tablet it announced today is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor instead of one of Huawei’s own processors.

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