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Elon Musk’s Girlfriend Grimes Suffered From a Panic Attack Not Long After Her ‘SNL’ Debut Alongside Musk

Elon Musk made the audience laugh during his “Saturday Night Live” show, but the days that followed were different. In that night’s drawing, Musk, 49, played Nintendo character Wario, and his girlfriend Grimes made a little relief as Princess Peach.

In an Instagram post shared on Tuesday, the 33-year-old singer revealed that she had recently suffered a panic attack. I think this is a good time to start treatment, “she revealed. The star did not explain what caused the panic attack, but because it happened on Monday, it seems her” SNL “debut has little to do with her. It contained. a couple of photos dressed with Miley Cyrus, who was a musical guest on the popular late-night sketch show.

Later, Grimes praised both Cyrus and Musk, “However, wow! The musician continued.” I also thank the SNL team for being so nice and letting my pink princess shoes slip away. My beautiful E is proud (I know it will upset dissatisfied fans, so I apologize in advance), but it killed him. He entered the singer’s Twitter account. “It must be said that @MileyCyrus is incompatible with music and humans,” he added captions to the caption.

The couple’s cartoon is called “Wario” and features popular video game characters in the murder of the protagonist of the murder game series Mario. During the trial, Mario’s brother, Luigi (Luigi), is conducting an extramarital affair with Grimes (Grimes) and his brother’s wife, Princess Peach. Taozi claimed that she “never touched him under his work clothes” but revealed to the court that the exchange of censored nude photos by NSFW demonstrated their love story, prompting Taozi to cover up his surprise.