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Marylin Manson accused of sexual abuse, called a ‘Monster’ be ex Ashley Morgan

Ashley Morgan Smithline claimed that rock singer Marilyn Manson raped and abused her during an on-off two-year relationship, thinking they “survived” her. “He seduced me with this infinite wisdom,” admitted Smithline, 36, who joined an explosive new report. But her intelligence supposedly hides a darker and more violent side because she claims that he “bites her, whips her, cuts her with an A-shaped knife and puts his fist in her mouth during intercourse.” He also claimed that before having sex, the 52-year-old rock singer was asked to search for Nazi souvenirs such as knives and whips when traveling abroad. “I think by then, they have forced me that if I don’t wear those things, I will feel that he does not like me. If I know that weapons will be used against me, I think I will feel a lot about Smithlyn (Smithline revealed that the first suspect that Manson had been abused was that when she was lying face down in bed and naked in bed, he would spank her with her bareback. 

She also claimed that she suffered repeatedly, adding that for the first time, she woke up screaming and found she was tied to the bed and was penetrated by Manson. She also claimed that the “Dope Show” singer had lost less than 80% of her weight. Keung Shi carved her initials on her thigh and cut her ribs. Then she drank my blood. Then he let me drink his wine, “he said,” the more I let him hurt me, the more I love him, the more I can prove myself to him. Smithline is one of 15 women, including actresses Evan Rachel Wood (Evan Rachel Wood) and Esmé Bianco (Esmé Bianco), claiming that Manson suffered varying degrees of sexual, psychological, and physical abuse. 

Game of Thrones actress Bianco filed a sexual assault lawsuit complaint against Manson last week, while “Western World” actress Wood made a public appearance online and under her allegations. Manson (Manson) A representative for Bianco called Bianco’s claims “demonstrably false” and responded to his own statement regarding the publication in the Smithline Statement to People magazine. 

The statement reads, “This type of relationship is a type of relationship to some extent, and this type of relationship did not last a week.” (People claim that Smithlin provided them with emails and messages that they said came from Manson, covering a wide range. More than two years). Mansonhimse If he was dumped by the record company and his long-term manager after the scandal, he insisted that all the allegations are all “terrible distortions of reality.” “My intimate relationship has always come to a consensus with like-minded partners. No matter how (and why) other people choose to distort the past, this is true.”