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An Apple iPhone 11 Pro With a Rare Defect Sells for $2700

An iPhone 11 Pro called a “misprint” apparently sold for $ 2,700 and appeared in a tweet showing that the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone was incorrectly positioned.

Last Friday, “Internal Files” posted a few images on Twitter, showing the back of the iPhone 11 Pro from two angles, one angle with the base tilted up and the other as a top-down plan view. A second image is displayed next to the edited version to highlight the “printing error”.

The flaw lies in the position and angle of the Apple logo, which is usually located in the center of the rear panel. We can see that the badly printed logo is off-center and clearly to the right. In addition, the angle of the logo is also called counterclockwise. If it does, then the device will face a manufacturing error, that is, when the machine prints the logo on the iPhone, the rear panel may not be seated properly. Unfortunately, the tweet provided few details and there was no concrete evidence to support the existence of the device. 

Although there is usually some type of evidence that accompanies these images to convince viewers that what they say is true, the Twitter account provides very little additional information. It is estimated to be an “extremely rare” printing error with a probability of “one in 100 million”, and further claims that the device passed Apple’s strict quality assurance process and was delivered to the customer.

It is not clear when and how the poorly printed iPhone will be sold for $ 2,700. Although the accounts are relatively unknown and the level of attention is not high, it seems reasonable that these images could be true. Anonymous accounts have posted images of prototype devices many times in the past, and while they are extremely rare, errors sometimes fall into the hands of consumers.