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When The Home Seeks To Open Up To The Outside

The concept of home changes with the needs of each age, but it is possible that it has never been so important in our lives as at the present time. Circumstances make us spend more time than ever in our homes, converted into authentic havens of calm and well-being.

At the same time, we need to open ourselves to outer space, we crave contact with the air, and we seek to expand our daily life beyond walls and ceilings. That is why the demand for houses with outdoor spaces has skyrocketed in recent months and we make those places that connect us with the world and nature an extension of our home.

From small places such as balconies and terraces to larger ones, such as patios or gardens, all spaces offer multiple possibilities to make our lives much more pleasant.

At Maisons du Monde they know well that outdoor spaces are another part of the home and that they can reflect our personality in the same way as any interior. For that reason, and now more than ever, the French firm has set out to make those places where we come into contact with the outdoors more idyllic than ever with its Outdoor 2021 Collection.

A selection that not only encompasses furniture, but also which also extends to decoration and lighting elements in different styles, and in which sustainability is increasingly important. These are some of the proposals of its design team to live more and more outside doors.

Who has not dreamed of bringing a piece of beach to their own home? Being a contemporary Robinson Crusoe, but without having to isolate oneself from the world, is possible with the proposals designed to add a point of exoticism to terraces, patios or gardens. Wicker hammocks, woven palm umbrellas or modular sofas and large wooden hammocks give that heavenly and tropical touch to any space. The jewel in the crown, a four-poster bed made from teak beds to make next spring and summer nights completely unforgettable.

Bringing a piece of another culture into our environment is the best way to make our mind travel when our body cannot. The Maisons du Monde Outdoor 2021 Collection allows us to incorporate elements that take us to Africa, with rattan-effect furniture, hanging armchairs and wicker and rope decoration. The lighting, with braided bamboo lanterns, resin ceiling lamps or garlands, are the final touch to live a little adventure every day.

Outdoor spaces do not have to have a different personality from the rest of our home. In the new Maisons du Monde collection we find designs to dress a patio, terrace or garden with contemporary-inspired furniture that goes with the interior decoration.

Elegant acacia tables and loungers, wood and resin sofas, waterproof fabric armchairs and poufs, or furniture in vibrant red terracotta add sophistication and characterize the contemporary home.

The expression of a garden or patio can also be adapted to sobriety and style that never goes out of style. The black wrought iron furniture refers us to the evenings in Provence, those in which a matching parasol protects us from the heat.

The acacia chairs, armchairs and tables provide a feeling of firmness and timelessness, while the braids in materials resistant to rain and ultraviolet rays evoke the French coast to accompany us on quiet family afternoons.

The elegance of outdoor spaces also goes hand in hand with designs that are increasingly sustainable and respectful of our environment. The use of wood certified by the FSC organization ensures that its origin is the result of a responsible use of natural resources, as well as the recycled wood and PET plastic that are used in many of its products ensure that Maisons du Monde reduces the impact on environment.

A second life for your furniture, restoring more than 20,000 products every year, and its collaborations with organizations such as Emmaus or the Red Cross are other initiatives of the firm to preserve our environment.