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The Dream Of Breaking Down Borders

In a world that continues to look forward, the scars left by the construction of walls – both physical and mental – remain open. The voice of people who sufferit cannot reach the institutions and is lost in oblivion. It should be remembered that the earth – our home – has always been the scene of wars and injustices, although today it is defined as a “developed and civilized society”.

There will come a day, perhaps, in which the rulers will realize the disaster they have caused, the despair that leads to traveling painful roads, the thousands of deaths who try to cross a border every day. Unfortunately, until now, breaking down existing borders is only a dream and dreams are dreams; But that does not mean that we cannot fight for them, most revolutions started like this: thanks to a dream that prompted them.

Freedom of information
Vice-president Iglesias claimed in Congress that there should be greater control over the press, since it is considered the fourth estate and, according to him, lacks any type of control. It should be noted that he has not limited himself to criticizing the media in general, but has marked the media that control information for him.

The problem for politicians, especially those who say things that are beyond their knowledge, is that they tend to say things that are not true, as in this case, and that is that the media do have control measures. Iglesias should be reminded that he is talking about private companies that can say what they want. And it is that perhaps that is the real problem, that it cannot control these private media as it does with others.

Pedro Rodríguez Romero . Villaverde del Río (Seville)

Smoke columns
What does he think he is gaining when in a protest sets fire to a containerof garbage? What do you hope to gain who sets up a barricade with tires to set it on fire? I believe that, far from achieving anything, they do themselves a disservice and the cause they claim to defend.

In times of climatic emergency and the fight against pollution, stopping the traffic of a highway or main artery of a city with fire and smoke, transfers to the sufferer the idea that they are facing simple barbarism. The claim is hidden by that thick smoke; that is why, rightly, we identify with the destruction of nature itself.

I will not ask the urban vandals to stop to meditate on their actions, it is simple crime. Of the worst; the one who rails against public goods (which belong to everyone) in the name of who knows what.

Vicente Rafael Martín . Santiponce (Seville)

The quality of the Health system
From my personal, family and close friends experience, as well as as a nurse in the SUMMA 112 mobile ICU, the number of patients who, after discharge from hospital, require a return to the hospital in the next 24-48 hours. Someone in Health could consider that too early discharges are helping to collapse the system, in addition to the damage it causes to patients.