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Instagram to Ban the Post that Don’t Follow It’s Guidelines

One day almost without realizing it Nayibe 44 found that her teenage children had become two strangers with whom she argued daily. His 15-year-old daughter spent her idle hours watching stories on Instagram and waiting for her dose of likes. “Her obsession was looking at other people’s photos.

Whatever the people she was following did, she envied she was not doing the same, ”she explains by phone from Cádiz, where the family lives.

Her 17-year-old son was not separated from the game console “At the beginning, we detected that when he finished playing he got a little nervous and it got worse, ”says Nayibe, who prefers not to reveal her last name. The aggressive attitudes and discussions around their use of the devices escalated so much that the family had to seek professional help.

It was a workshop on addictions at his son’s high school that led this family to Proyecto Hombre, At first, says the mother, everyone in her house took her for crazy.

“There are no addicts here,” was the general complaint. But the situation became “totally unsustainable” and they agreed to go to a special program called Proyecto Joven, aimed at teenagers and children who abuse technology.

The most common profile is among young people between 12 and 17 years old, although there are also occasional cases in adults between 6 and 9% of Internet users have addiction problems, according to the Higher Institute for Psychological Studies, although it is difficult to know how many young people abuse technology.